Training for Children

Through the mindfulness program, children and teenagers cultivate skills to increase

  • Attention
  • Awareness
  • Stress management
  • Positive social skills
  • Well-being
  • Academic performance

The training focuses on the development of attention, emotional balance and compassion.

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Why do we need Mindfulness Training?

Modern World

In today’s modern world, our lives are becoming increasingly hurried and stressful.  Technological advances offer so many great opportunities, but also put us at risk of losing connection with ourselves and others.  We are becoming increasingly distracted. One moment we are checking our emails, the next Facebook, then the weather forecast, skimming an article, checking our phone for messages, and texting our friends. How often do we slow down and reflect on what we are doing or reading?

They key is obviously not to get rid of technology but to move forward with wisdom and compassion.  The mindfulness program gives youth skills to go through life with more clarity, awareness, curiosity, and kindness.

School Benefits

The focus of education needs to be broadened beyond academics, to serve the whole child.  We all know children who do well academically but struggle socially and emotionally.  When children learn skills to increase pro-social behavior and compassion, it helps them live a more balanced life.

Students are often asked to pay attention in school, but they never really learn what that means. Through mindful activities children learn to focus and pay attention in different ways.

Teachers who have used mindfulness in their classrooms have reported that students who practice mindfulness are calmer. There are less classroom management issues and less fights on the playground.

Health Benefits

Over the past few years, stress has had a negative effect on the health of children.  Mindfulness gives us tools to learn how to cope and manage situations when we get stressed.  It also has been shown to increase well-being, empathy and compassion.  Who wouldn’t want their child to develop  skills to live a happier life?