“After 8 sessions, I’ve noticed my son is less aggressive.  I’ve also found that I’m more calm because I do the home activities and games with my son and it helps me.” -Mother of KDG student

“I learned something new about the brain and now think about my thinking. It’s helping me to try to be more patient” -6th Grade boy

“Mindful Eating us fun because I really taste the food. I’m happy to come to this class because we do all these different practices.” -4th Grade boy

“Mindfulness is nice to do, so if you are upset it will calm you down. It might help if I practice more.”  -3rd Grade boy

“When I do friendly wishes, I see a movie in my head, it’s like a dream. It makes me feel happy to wish friends happiness and I get to experience how to do stuff.” ”  -4th Grade girl