How to Explain Mindfulness To Young Children

In this quick tip we use simple language to explain what the mindfulness classs will consist of.

In the class you practice paying attention in a way that helps you live a happier life. (Mindfulness means paying attention to what is happening right now with kindness and curiosity).

What’s really cool is that you get to learn through playing games, singing songs, talking and doing art.  One way to explain mindfuless to children is to take a scientific approach.

Being a Scientist

When you learn about Mindfulness, it’s like you are being a scientist.  You study your own self, your own mind.  You study your thoughts, your feelings, your friendships and your kindness.

Like any scientist, you do experiments and you discover things.  For example:

  • Perhaps you’ll discover there’s a happiness, a quiet peaceful place, which is always within you.
  • You might discover ways to calm yourself down and lift your mood when upset, angry, or sad.
  • You might discover ways to be kinder to yourself, others and the world.
  • You’ll learn about the brain too!


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